WoolGuard Filter system

How It Works

The WoolGuard Filter System works by using 100% natural WoolGuard Wool Filter sheets and our All-In-One Baffle Frames. Once the wool filters are filled with enough grease, the kitchen employees can simply replace the filters. Traditional baffle filters let around 82% of grease enter the hood system. Depending on your level of cooking, grease will accumulate and you’ll need to pay for frequent hood cleaning services.

Hood cleanings cost at a minimum $400! However, there is a way to reduce your amount of hood cleanings by around 75%. Changing out your current baffle filters with the WoolGuard Filter System will capture 98% of grease, only letting in around 2% of grease, which greatly reduces the amount of hood cleanings. 

With vs. Without


Captures 98% of Grease!

  • Install Package Bundle
  • No Contract
  • No Hassle
  • Includes Install
  • Get Free Frames with a Minimum Purchase of Wool Filters
  • Valid on New Installs Only

Saves Money

Less Fire-risk

Easy to install

Eco friendly

No water/ chemicals

System Efficiency

How to change your filter

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