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Discover the transformative power of our 100% Wool Filters: the ultimate grease management solution for your kitchen. Crafted from 100% natural wool, these filters are engineered to capture an impressive 98% of grease, while maintaining optimal airflow through your hood system.

With our Wool Filters, replacing synthetic filters is a simple and quick task, allowing your kitchen staff to focus on what they do best—cooking. The high-efficiency wool material not only traps grease but also significantly reduces the need for expensive hood cleanings, which can cost a minimum of $400 each time.

By switching to Wool Filters , you can cut down the frequency of hood cleanings by an astonishing 75%. Experience the WoolGuard difference today and elevate your kitchen’s grease management to new heights of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

I have WoolGuard Baffle Filters

WoolGuard Wool Filters

WoolGuard Wool Filters are designed to work seamlessly with our WoolGuard All-in-One Baffle Frames, offering a perfect fit tailored specifically for these frames. Crafted from 100% pure wool, our filters excel at trapping grease while maintaining optimal airflow through your kitchen’s hood system.

I don't have WoolGuard Baffle Filters

Cut-To-Size Wool Filters

WoolGuard’s Cut-To-Size Wool Filters, the perfect retrofit solution for your existing grease removal systems. These filters are crafted from 100% natural wool, offering an environmentally friendly yet highly efficient alternative to synthetic filters. With a longer filter life that lasts twice as long as conventional options, these wool sheets are a game-changer in grease management.

With vs. Without


Captures 98% of Grease!


Saves Money

Less Fire-risk

Easy to install

Eco friendly

No water/ chemicals

System Efficiency

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