Keep Your Kitchen Hood Clean!

Saves Money

By blocking 98% of kitchen grease (as opposed to 18% with traditional baffle filters), you can reduce the amount of hood cleanings up to 75%. For example, if you do quarterly hood cleanings, you likely only need to do them yearly.

Easy to install

When your filters are at the end of their lifecycle, simply remove the frame from your hood system, pull it apart, and insert a new filter.

No Water/chemicals

With 75% less hood cleanings, you won’t need to use as much water and chemicals. Also, with the frames staying clean, there’s no need to continually run them through the dishwasher.

Less Fire-Risk

WoolGuard Hood Filters capture 98% of grease before it ever enters the exhaust system, reducing grease build-up and the risk of fires.

Eco Friendly

WoolGuard Hood Filters filters are made from 100% wool. The filter is carbon-neutral and will breakdown in a landfill.

System Efficiency

With a cleaner hood system year-round, the entire exhaust system, hood, rooftop fans, HVAC and other equipment will run more efficiently.

About Hood Filters

WoolGuard Filters work by using 100% wool, which captures grease while still allowing air to continue to pass through the hood system. Once the wool filters are filled with enough grease, the kitchen employees can simply replace the filters. Traditional baffle filters let around 82% of grease enter the hood system. Depending on your level of cooking, grease will accumulate and you’ll need to pay for frequent hood cleaning services.

Hood cleanings cost at a minimum $400! However, there is a way to reduce your amount of hood cleanings by around 75%. Changing out your current baffle filters with WoolGuard Hood Filters will capture 98% of grease, only letting in around 2% of grease, which greatly reduces the amount of hood cleanings. When the wool captures enough grease and reaches the end of its life cycle, you simply replace them.

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